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Buttery program has been an ‘Anti-Fight club’ for Casino High

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Every day, The Buttery sees the benefits of early intervention programs such as the Therapeutic Mixed Martial Arts program for at-risk youth in Lismore and Casino. Many young people in our community find themselves at a crossroads, and without the right support can easily find themselves on a path of hard drug use and mental [...]

More than just abstinence: EMPLOYMENT and RELATIONSHIPS key to recovery

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Successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction through attending a residential treatment program means more to the person than just staying clean and sober, an Australian-first study has found. While a significant body of research has shown that the length of time a person stays in a program is positively linked to abstinence, reduced crime, [...]

Brendan: The Recovery Circle is the gift that keeps on giving

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For Brendan Monson, former Buttery resident turned Buttery Counsellor and Recovery Circle member, giving back to The Buttery, is all a vital part of his recovery.  Brendan came to The Buttery at 39 in 2006, having used opioids daily since he was 14.    “The Buttery taught me to do the opposite to what I [...]

More people treated for drug & alcohol issues, yet the waiting lists grow on NSW North Coast

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“It’s time for funding to meet demand” Thursday, April 18, 2019: A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) released yesterday revealed an increase in Australians accessing drug and alcohol treatment services, despite an increase in waiting times for The Buttery’s drug and alcohol treatment programs on the Mid and North Coast. [...]

The Family Program gently led me from heartbreak to healing

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Karen* admits she was at the end of her tether when she has referred to The Buttery’s Family Counselling Program two years ago. The program, funded wholly by donations, has been a vital part of The Buttery’s services, since 2009. Karen, her partner and ex-husband are among the staggering number of 250 program participants seen [...]

“A dance between connection and separation”: A Family’s Understanding of Developmental Processes in Addiction

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  Recently, Lily Schmelzle, The Buttery’s Family Support Program Manager, gave a moving, nuanced and evidence-based presentation to Buttery staff titled:  Developmental Processes and how it plays out in addiction within families. We thought it would be valuable for anyone with a loved one experiencing drug misuse. Lily Schmelzle: The Buttery’s Family Support Program [...]

An evaluation of the maintenance to abstinence (MTA) program in achieving abstinence in opioid users and improving mental health and quality of life

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MTA OUTCOMES RESEARCH ABSTRACT Background: Residential opioid rehabilitation aims to improve the mental health and quality of life of opioid users through abstinence and residential program participation. This study aimed to determine the depression, anxiety, stress and quality of life amongst maintenance to abstinence (MTA) program residents. [...]