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Abstinence from heroin and Methadone gave Boni freedom and meaning

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After completing MTA, Boni bought a van and started travelling — something she never thought she would be able to do.

Boni Newland had relapsed back to using heroin after two and a half years in recovery, when she decided at 27 to reduce from […]

Successful Drug and Alcohol community rehabilitation (CORE) program coming to Tweed Heads

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This innovative program run by The Buttery will be offered in Tweed Heads starting on 7th May. The need for such as program is clear with demand for the programs in Lismore and Byron Bay exceeding available places.

The Buttery’s Program Manager Krystian Gruft said the program allows people requiring alcohol and other drug rehabilitation to […]

The Buttery Private providing financial sustainability

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Last year, The Buttery joined 20,000 social enterprises in this country, in the roll out of its Buttery Private venture, a fee-paying wellbeing program which uses The Buttery’s evidence-based community therapy model.

After its successful first intake last year, The Buttery Private welcomed its first participants for […]

Family support group pilot a success

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Frances Pidcock from B.Well and Lily Schmelzle from The Family Support Service see the potential for further family support groups in the area.


After the successful 8-week Pilot program of the Family Support Group at Mullumbimby, there is scope for the roll-out of more groups across […]

The Buttery is ready to help a new kind of opioid addict

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MTA Program coordinator David Dalton says MTA is well placed to help those addicted to codeine as they come to grips with the rescheduling of the drug.


The Buttery’s Maintenance To Abstinence (MTA) Program, as one of only two residential opioid treatment programs in the country, […]

Martial Arts Therapeutic program gives Arlee a fighting chance

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Arlee French says INTRA’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Therapeutic program turned his life around.

When Arlee French, at 15, first took part in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Therapeutic program he was at a crossroad which could have easily led down a path of hard drug […]

Connection was the key to Micky’s recovery

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Micky celebrates his 50th birthday and has never felt better, having spent the last decade clean.


FOR Micky De Domizio, the key to beating his addiction to amphetamines was connecting to others at The Buttery. It was also the most challenging part.

“Opening up and to other […]