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The Buttery currently delivers programs across a footprint from Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads with a range of residential and outreach services designed to help participants meet challenges faced due to Alcohol and Other Drug misuse and/or a range of mental health concerns.


Research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicates one in five people experience mental health and/or alcohol and other drugs challenges which means there is a high level of mental distress, self-harm, suicide and AOD use across the region within any one year, with numbers expecting to grow.

Additionally, Healthy North Coast’s local needs analysis data recognises drug and alcohol misuse as the number one most serious community health concern and mental health needs as the second most serious personal health concern.

Significantly, this region is more disadvantaged than the state average in several areas because of lower levels of social determinants of health, such as income, housing, employment, education, and social inclusion.

Some of the biggest challenges the community faces include access to services, finding care that aligns with their needs, a lack of preventative, innovative or community-based care, and the cost of services.

All this against a backdrop of ongoing recovery from the devastating and unprecedented flood event in February/March 2022 and the ongoing stigma and discrimination that individuals face when managing mental health and AOD misuse challenges.

It is with this awareness that the Buttery is committed to a vision of care that is equitable, accessible, client centred, holistic, mapped to an individual’s level of need and tailored to stages of recovery.


This commitment to care is delivered via five different types of services:

  1. We provide three residential services within the North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) that are accessible to people across NSW. Two residential programs support people with alcohol and other drugs needs including opiate reduction, and one residential program supports people with mental health needs.
  2. We provide community outreach support that delivers counselling and case management for people aged 12 and above who have alcohol and other drugs and/or mental health needs.
  3. We provide mid-level intensive day rehabilitation programs for young people in Port Macquarie and the surrounds, and for adults with children in the North Coast NSW.
  4. The Buttery provides five drop-in centres, four specialising in mental health needs and suicide prevention and one specialising in Alcohol and Other Drug’s needs.
  5. The Buttery is part of the Community Drug Action Team consortia, run by Odyssey House, in conjunction with Bila Muuji and Karralika, providing primary prevention alcohol and other drugs activities throughout NSW.


The Buttery has recently introduced four new programs across our footprint:

  1. The Post Custodial Support Program: a program that provides people who have AOD challenges and unmet psychosocial needs who are incarcerated or recently released from custody with case management support as they reintegrate into society.
  2. Community Rehabilitation for Parents: a mid-level intensive AOD day rehabilitation program for adults with young children in the North Coast ensures individuals can stay with their families as they manage their rehabilitation. (Brochure)
  3. Community Rehabilitation for Young People: a mid-level intensive AOD day rehabilitation program for young people aged 12-24 in Port Macquarie, similarly, supports individuals with their rehabilitation in a community setting. (Brochure)
  4. Nimbin Alcohol and Other Drugs Hub: a drop-in hub located in the Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre providing access to AOD treatment including counselling and case management five days a week. (Brochure)


If a person is seeking support for Alcohol and Other Drugs needs in our region, they should contact the Buttery Intake Team during business hours on 02 6687 1111.

If a person is seeking support for Mental Health needs in our region, they should contact HEAD to HEALTH on 1800 595 212.

If a person is wanting to access Buttery drop-in hubs no referral is needed, please drop-in during opening hours and discuss your needs with our staff.


If you are concerned about someone you care about, we recommend that you:

  • Learn as much as possible about their situation and options
  • Connect with understanding peers or support groups
  • Manage expectations
  • Stay in touch with personal meaning and joy
  • Be kind to yourself and loved ones.

The Buttery has a Family Support Service that can assist family members distressed by their loved one’s alcohol and drug use.

The Buttery would like to thank our funding bodies, The NSW Ministry of Health, Healthy North Coast, The Department of Health and Aged Care, and as always, are invaluable donors and sponsors.

For more information: Brochures outlining our programs are available here. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or phone 02 6687 1111.

For general enquiries: Please email [email protected] or telephone 02 6687 1111.



The Buttery relies on the generosity of the community to fulfil its life-changing mission

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