Privacy Policy

The Buttery and The Buttery Private Websites Privacy Notice
References in this Notice to “The Buttery” include The Buttery Private.

This Privacy Notice covers the following:

1. The type of personal information that The Buttery collects and stores

For individuals who make contact via The Buttery or Buttery Private Websites, The Buttery/Buttery Private collects: name, email address, content of email communication and in some cases if provided, postal address and phone.

In the case of donors, the amount of the donation, if it was made to support a specific purpose, the date of the donation as well as contact details. Donations are received using a second party which does not retain information after it has been passed to The Buttery. Credit card information is NOT stored.

2. The purposes for which The Buttery collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information

This information is securely collected and held to facilitate communication with the individual who provides information, this includes being able to effectively reply to enquiries and acknowledge and receipt donations. Personal information is not disclosed to any individual or organisation outside The Buttery.

3. How The Buttery collects and securely stores personal information

Email addresses and contact details are securely stored on The Buttery’s server and also, in some cases by a second party, Mailchimp which stores data securely. Content of emails if retained, is stored securely on The Buttery’s server. Donor information is stored securely on The Buttery’s donor data base.

4. A promise not to ‘spam’, sell or rent a visitor’s email address

The Buttery/Buttery Private does not sell or rent any visitor’s email address or other contact or personal details. In compliance with Privacy Principles, an email recipient may unsubscribe from emails at any time.

5. How an individual may access and correct any information you hold on them, including unsubscribing from any email list

To access any information The Buttery holds about an individual, email [email protected]. To unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link on a group email, or email: [email protected] stating that you wish to unsubscribe.

6. How an individual may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how The Buttery deals with the complaint

To complain if you think a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles has occurred, go to the website form of the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner:

The Buttery is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles and will respond appropriately and promptly to any directive of the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

7. Whether The Buttery/Buttery Private discloses personal information to other people or organisations, and if they’re overseas, which countries

The Buttery/Buttery Private does not disclose personal information to other people or organisations, whether in Australia or overseas.