Residential programs

The Buttery’s residential programs include the Therapeutic Community (TC) and Maintenance to Abstinence (MTA) programs. The Buttery also operates HASI-Plus, a transitional rehabilitation and recovery-oriented program.

The Therapeutic Community (TC)

Mid to long term residential program

The Therapeutic Community (TC), a long-term residential program, helps people with alcohol addiction, substance misuse and mental health conditions to find lasting recovery. 

Under the TC model, participants provide a mutually supportive environment for recovery. Set in the Byron Bay Hinterland, the program has two streams. 

Maintenance to Abstinence (MTA)

Mid term residential program specialising in opioid replacement

Maintenance to Abstinence (MTA) is for people who wish to withdraw from an opiate substitute maintenance program to pursue an abstinence-based lifestyle. Co-located within the Therapeutic Community, MTA participants have the opportunity to adjust to an abstinence-based lifestyle over three months. Those wishing to extend their treatment can continue participating in the Therapeutic Community. 

Before admission, participants need to be on treatment and under medical supervision. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.


A transitional rehabilitation

HASI-Plus is a transitional rehabilitation and recovery-oriented, high intensity, community-based program for people with severe mental illness and significant functional impairment.

Continuum of Care

The Buttery’s three separate residential treatment programs are part of The Buttery’s Continuum of Care.

Our network of residential and community-based programs provides prevention, treatment and aftercare.

To promote recovery and assist family members, free family counselling is available for the family members of people taking part in many Buttery treatment programs.

The Buttery’s dedicated, qualified and experienced team, treat participants with compassion and dignity.

The residential programs are evidence-based and subject to ongoing evaluation and rigorous quality assurance.  Programs are constantly evolving and the result of decades of commitment and development.