The Therapeutic Community (TC)

The Therapeutic Community (TC), a long-term residential program, helps people with alcohol addiction, substance misuse and mental health conditions to find lasting recovery. 

Mid to long term residential program

Under the TC model, participants provide a mutually supportive environment for recovery. Set in the Byron Bay Hinterland, the program has two streams. 

Program One

12 weeks of group therapy, counselling, a comprehensive education syllabus and activities to promote recovery and stress management training.

Program Two

12 weeks of group therapy, counselling, education and activities to develop awareness of underlying core issues.

Once both programs have been completed, participants undertake a six-week transition phase focusing on relapse prevention strategies. 

Upon exit, people are entitled to up to 12 months of aftercare which may include access to Transition Houses in Byron Bay.

As well as group and individual counselling, activities include: 

Participants are encouraged to take part in 12- Step meetings.

The Buttery’s TC is open to any NSW resident aged 18 years and over. All participants undertake a phone assessment before joining. They can participate in the program at no direct cost to themselves.

Social security recipients contribute 85% of their benefits to cover food and accommodation. Those not receiving benefits contribute a similar amount each week.