Drug Misuse

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We are experts in treating substance misuse.

Misuse of both illegal drugs and prescribed drugs is commonplace in the competitive, high pressure lives of many people.

As with alcohol misuse, many people self-medicate to manage mental health issues. Many people who misuse drugs, even if they consider themselves “recreational drug users” do not recognise they have a problem. However they can be in denial about the serious long-term implications for themselves and their loved ones.

There are many theories about why people use substances. One of the most widely accepted is the self-medication hypothesis. This suggests that alcohol and other drug use is an attempt to relieve symptoms of an underlying disorder or condition, such as stress, depression, or anxiety.

One of those primarily credited for developing the self-medication hypothesis is Dr Edward J. Khantzian, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard University. Dr Khantzian believes that an underlying disorder or condition combined with poor coping skills leads to substance misuse. In this case, substance use becomes a coping skill. This avoidant behaviour promotes escapism, acting out on the brain’s biological wiring to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

The Buttery Private program can be a preventive for people in the early stages of drug misuse and prevent its escalation into chronic addiction.

By taking time out from the pressures of life and enjoying calm, supported environment, people facing substance misuse can reassess their lives and substance misuse.

Counsellors experienced in treating addiction will help guests develop strategies to recognise the triggers for drug misuse  and develop techniques to lead more fulfilling lives without the need to misuse drugs.

If you have an enquiry about drug misuse, please complete the form below or call 02 6687 1111.



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