Alcohol Misuse

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We are experts in treating alcohol misuse.

There are many theories about why people use substances. One of the most widely accepted is the self-medication hypothesis. This suggests that alcohol and other drug use is an attempt to relieve symptoms of an underlying disorder or condition, such as stress, depression, or anxiety.

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The Buttery Private helps people develop an understanding of what drives them to abuse alcohol. The program helps people resolve underlying issues behind their alcohol abuse and equips people to live more fulfilling lives without the need for alcohol. Participants are given techniques to recognise the triggers that can lead to a resumption of unsafe drinking and how to minimise these negative effects.

Alcohol dependence can occur progressively, sometimes developing over many years. Although this is not always the case.

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People experience a strong need to continue drinking despite the consequences for the drinker and those around him or her. This can impact families and loved ones as much as the problem drinker. Untreated, alcoholism has serious effects on a person’s long term health, relationships and career and can lead to premature death.

The Buttery Private’s treatment for alcohol abuse is informed by The Buttery’s experience in effectively treating drug and alcohol abuse since the 1970s. Alcohol abuse can occur in response to underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress.

Due to the extreme health risks associated with abrupt withdrawal from heavy alcohol consumption, medically supervised withdrawal is necessary. The Buttery Private provides advice about seeking medical treatment prior to entering The Buttery Private.

If you have an enquiry about alcohol misuse, please complete the form here or call 02 6687 1111



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