A Return to self

marcus a return to self

39-year Marcus recently completed the four-week Buttery Private program.

Marcus, a fleet management systems specialist, attended the Buttery Private following the demise of a dysfunctional and detrimental relationship, which led Marcus to self-medicate with excessive alcohol consumption.

Sadly, Marcus’s health was compromised to the point where he attempted to take his own life.

A close family member, who supported Marcus over a challenging two-year period while his alcohol use spiralled, recommended that he attend the Buttery Private. 

The Buttery Private is a four-week user pays residential program near the Tweed Valley Hinterland. The program uses best practice, evidence-based psychological techniques to bring about lasting change.

Before entering the Buttery Private, Marcus completed a detox program to ensure he was in a safe place.

Marcus found the Buttery Private’s approach to treating substance misuse and underlying issues simultaneously to be a beneficial aspect of the program.

“I looked at several other facilities and programs, although after speaking to The Buttery’s Intake team, I had confidence in the program. Treating the addiction and emotional conditions for why I was self medicating was important. The Buttery Private helped me to look at fundamental issues and put things into perspective.”

Working for a world-leading resources company for seven years, Marcus needs to perform at a level that requires him to be physically and mentally on his game.

“I provide overarching technical support for a fleet management system which is the all-encompassing. Performing at this level involves a lot of daily pressure. The Buttery Private program helped me to look at ongoing triggers I might experience on returning to a normal routine. To better understand my mind, I drilled down to the root cause of things.”

Marcus was initially nervous about being triggered on returning to the workforce and a high-pressured job.

“I was initially nervous and anxious about returning to the work environment, although being equipped with the tools and skills I learned at the Buttery Private.

I also had a lot of support from work colleagues, which I’m grateful for.”

Marcus is now happily enjoying life without self-medicating.

“The program is excellent for anyone who finds themselves in a compromised situation and self-medicates. For someone in a vulnerable state of mind, I felt welcomed the minute I walked through the door. The entire team – from the chef to the counsellors – is an extremely caring group.”

*Name changed for privacy. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.



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