We have over 50 years of experience enriching lives

The Buttery assists people living with alcohol and substance misuse and mental health conditions to achieve recovery and rebuild their lives.

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We are excited to share our new video – ‘Vital Programs, Vital Funds, Enriching Lives’. You’ll hear from CEO, Leone Crayden, reflecting on The Buttery’s journey over more than 50 years of service to the community, and sharing our vision for the future as we continue to support individuals facing mental health and/or alcohol and other drugs misuse challenges.

You will also meet Dan Ward, a current employee at the Buttery, who just over five years ago, was a participant in our residential rehabilitation program…

The Buttery's programs are designed for lasting change

Our programs reflect The Buttery’s Vision and Mission. We recognise that individuals seek help for different reasons and programs need to be person-centred which is why we have a variety of programs and services to meet the individual’s needs.

The Buttery offers services for people seeking support for addiction, mental health conditions, relapse prevention, post traumatic stress disorder and family relationships. We use various recovery frameworks which include long term and short term residential rehabilitation. 

Our goal is to reduce harm and support recovery

Community services such as outreach programs, day rehabilitation, face-to-face counselling, family support and group therapy.  Many of the community outreach programs are offered online.

Our Programs

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Residential Programs

The Buttery's residential programs include the Therapeutic Community (TC) and Maintenance to Abstinence (MTA).

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Community Outreach Programs

Our diverse programs help teenagers and adults who have drug and alcohol and substance use disorders and mental health concerns. People are supported in every stage of recovery.

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Youth Programs

The Buttery is committed to providing access to responsive, integrated and quality substance misuse rehabilitation and mental health services for youth in regional and rural NSW.

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Family and Carer Support Program

The Family and Carer Support Program assists family members distressed by their loved one’s alcohol and substance use issues.

Supporting stronger, healthier communities

Since the 1970s, The Buttery has been enriching people’s lives by helping them gain mastery over mental health conditions and alcohol and substance misuse.

All Buttery programs are evidence-based and represent best-practice.

Addiction is not a consequence of choice; recovery is.

As well as its residential programs, The Buttery also operates community outreach programs throughout the NSW Mid-North Coast and NSW Northern Rivers Regions.

The organisation also provides a unique counselling support program for families and carers.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Buttery's programs support people living with mental health conditions to achieve recovery and rebuild their lives. Contact our intake team to discuss which program is most suitable for you.

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Alcohol and Substance Use

If you are concerned about alcohol or substance misuse, contact our intake team to speak about joining one of The Buttery's Residential or Community Outreach programs.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

All Buttery programs are available to Indigenous People.

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