After years wasted in addiction, Sarah* made the courageous decision to seek treatment at The Buttery. She successfully completed our residential program and undertook additional study. Now Sarah is using her education and lived experience to help other people at The Buttery find a new life in lasting recovery. Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way to helping people like Sarah start a new, fulfilling, healthful life.


Giving our at risk youth a fighting chance

Arlee, 15 was at a crossroads. He decided to do The Buttery’s Mixed Martial Arts program for youth at risk. It really worked.

”Without MMA I would never have finished school. I probably would be taking a lot heavier drugs. And I wouldn’t have a job. I also would not be able to take care of my niece and nephew and little sister like I do.”


At last Ashley was able to finish rehab and start life again

As a single mother, Ashley* was not able to take time out to complete a residential rehab. The Buttery’s CORE program runs during school hours. Now, single mums like Ashley with the sincere desire to get clean of drugs can take steps to beat addiction.

“I now have strategies in place to prevent me from using drugs again.”


Evidence-based programs that work

With your help, we are proud to be able to help so many people with the sincere desire to overcome addiction. Your tax-deductible donation will be carefully applied to helping people find a new life free from addiction.

The need is great and our resources small. Please help today.


Each year through residential and community-based programs, The Buttery helps hundreds of teenagers and adults who may have substance misuse, gambling or mental health issues.

Our dedicated and highly qualified teams use the latest evidence-based methods to help people reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Although most Buttery programs receive government funding, we still must rely on the generosity of people like you to help people in need.

This tax year, please support The Buttery’s work with a tax-deductible donation.


Buttery residential and community programs help hundreds of teenagers and adults each year lead a better life free from addiction.

Waiting lists are long and we need your urgent help to help more people.

Our programs help people with the courage to take steps to deal with their mental health issues or addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling.

* Name changed to protect privacy, library image used