The Buttery Private Wellbeing Program is a social enterprise of The Buttery. This short, fee-paying, intensive program has been designed for busy people who need to take time out.

In a calm, secure place, participants in a small group  can address issues which may compromise their quality of life. These issues, if left unaddressed could result over time in deeper, more debilitating problems.

It is based on The Buttery’s very successful mental health and substance misuse treatment programs which for decades have been helping people achieve proven results.

The Buttery Private is an early intervention for people who are still functioning well enough but who could benefit from taking time out to address issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and substance misuse.

The four-week residential program is conducted at an idyllic retreat near Byron Bay.

Participants enjoy nutritious chef-prepared meals, body work, including massage and well-appointed private rooms.

Each participant works with their personal clinician to develop a customised program addressing their specific needs.

After a four-week stay, participants continue working with their therapist via phone or video-conferencing to ensure they can apply what they learn from the program to their daily lives so they do not fall back into self-limiting behaviour.

The Buttery Private offers more than a typical health retreat because it uses best-practice psychological techniques to bring about lasting change.
It is a circuit-breaker to change entrenched patterns of self-defeating behaviour. To do this, it incorporates current research on the neuroscience of trauma, anxiety and the brain’s response to threat.

As well as regular one-on-one counselling with a dedicated counsellor and group sessions, participants can choose from a range of other therapies including yoga, meditation, mindfulness training, exercise, massage, acupuncture and nutrition.

The Buttery Private program is based on The Buttery’s program which has been developed and refined for over forty years, helping people achieve more healthful, meaningful lives.

Participants self-fund their stay. It is not covered by private health insurance.

As a social enterprise, surplus funds generated from The Buttery Private are applied to the charitable works of The Buttery.

For more information complete the enquiry form below
or phone
02 6687 1111

For more information
complete the enquiry form below
or phone
02 6687 1111