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The Buttery relies on the generosity of the community to fulfill its life-changing mission.

Donations to The Buttery are fully tax deductible and carefully applied to helping people lead a new life free from active addiction.

With so many people suffering financial hardship we do not expect all our loyal supporters to be able to support at usual levels. However, if you can consider an urgent, life-changing donation to help the growing number of people in need, we would be most grateful to you.

Giving our at risk youth a fighting chance

Arlee, 15 was at a crossroads. He decided to do The Buttery’s Mixed Martial Arts program for youth at risk. It really worked.

”Without MMA I would never have finished school. I probably would be taking a lot heavier drugs. And I wouldn’t have a job. I also would not be able to take care of my niece and nephew and little sister like I do.”


At last Ashley was able to finish rehab and start life again

As a single mother, Ashley* was not able to take time out to complete a residential rehab. The Buttery’s CORE program runs during school hours. Now, single mums like Ashley with the sincere desire to get clean of drugs can take steps to beat addiction.

“I now have strategies in place to prevent me from using drugs again.”


Your donation is an investment in helping someone who wants to change their life by overcoming addiction.
To continue our life transforming work, we rely on the generous support of people in the community like you.
The Buttery is a not-for-profit community organisation. As a Deductible Gift Recipient Donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible.

​​Thank you for being part of the work of The Buttery through your kind support!

The Buttery’s Youth Programs
The Buttery has a preventive role through its youth programs which include:

PARTY SMART: The Buttery’s drug and alcohol education program for young people at dance parties and doofs.


DRUMBEAT: Beating the risk of harm from alcohol and drugs for high school kids and communities.

Youth Adventure Therapy Treks: Wilderness Adventure Therapy Treks for youth at risk: Adventure therapy treks in wilderness areas accompanied by qualified therapists to help young people develop self esteem and teamwork. Outcomes include improved application at school and a reduction in anti-social behaviour.



$20 Will help purchase art materials for The Buttery’s art therapy program
$30 Will help purchase materials for building maintenance
$60 Will help cover a phone counselling session for a family in crisis
$120 Will cover the cost of a face-to-face family counselling session
$300 Will cover the cost of a qualified outreach counsellor for one day
$500 Will meet the cost of one week of recovery at The Buttery
$2,000 Will meet the cost of a month of recovery at The Buttery

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