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The Buttery’s MTA (Maintenance To Abstinence) program is for people currently being maintained on opioid substitutes such as Buprenorphine, (Suboxone or Subutext) and who wish to move to an abstinence based lifestyle. The residential program for Buttery MTA clients is on the same campus at Binna Burra near Bangalow in the Byron Bay hinterland as the Buttery Therapeutic Community.

The Buttery MTA program is modelled on the long-established The Buttery Therapeutic Community. It includes; educational groups, individual and group counselling, stress management practices such as yoga and meditation, opportunities for self-esteem building such as art and choir, opportunities for interpersonal skills development, relapse education, low impact physical work around the property such as gardening, opportunities to develop a sense of personal responsibility through tasks and co-ordination functions within the residential community.

Residents will have the opportunity to address health issues, to eat regularly and healthily and exercise through walking and by using the in-house gym. Residents in the program will pass through stages of treatment including assessment and orientation in the first phase, a main treatment stage where residents gain some insight of the underlying issues of their drug use and coping strategies to assist them to remain drug free in the longer term.

Overarching this will be the gradual reduction and withdrawal from maintenance medication under the supervision of a local on site medical prescriber and Buttery staff.

The Buttery MTA program has a stringent set of eligibility requirements. All potential residents will need to meet these in order to access the MTA rehab program. These are outlined below:


1. The applicant has a problematic drug using history of two years or longer.

2. The applicant is 20 years of age or older.

3. The applicant is not facing legal proceedings for which his/her stay at The Buttery or application to come to The Buttery will be used as a mitigating factor in Court proceedings.

4. Owing to staffing constraints and the demands of the program we cannot accept people who have major psychiatric problems.

5. We do not have the facilities to cater for couples or single parents with children.

6. The applicant must be in receipt of a Centrelink benefit or be able to self fund an equivalent amount of money.

7. Prior to admission, potential residents will need to transfer to a Subutex or Suboxone program (if not already on one) in consultation with their current prescriber and begin a personalized reduction regime in consultation with Buttery staff.

For people interested in joining the program phone 02 6687 2399
on Fridays between 9 am and 1 pm or 2 pm to 4 pm

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There is detailed information about The Buttery’s residential Therapeutic Community program on this web site.

Residential Accommodation

The MTA Residential Therapeutic Community is co-located on The Buttery’s Binna Burra campus with The Buttery Therapeutic Community.

Residents live-in and the program takes place in a restored Queenslander house. It  is comfortable, home-like accommodation in a tranquil sub-tropical garden setting.

Pictured: The Buttery’s MTA team

The Buttery acknowledges the support of the NSW Ministry of Health for the Maintenance to Abstinence Program.