By treating addiction and helping people live productive, fulfilling lives, The Buttery addresses a major social and economic problem facing our society.
Drug abuse and alcoholism have negative impacts on the individual, their family and the health system. This is in addition to the indirect impact of lost productivity and injuries from accidents caused by drug and alcohol abuse.
The effectiveness of the Buttery’s residential program, conducted since the 1970s is well recognised and documented. It serves as model for other therapeutic communities. The Buttery conducts regular follow-up studies of former residents.
Among other findings, the most recent study shows that 74% of ex-residents who participated in the study were abstinent from drugs and alcohol at 12 months after leaving (which is comparable to previous studies).
Of these, 45% of all participants remained abstinent the whole time between leaving and follow up. 55% of all participants report having relapsed or chose to take drugs/alcohol since leaving; 14 of these had returned to abstinence at the time of follow up, meaning that 72% of all participants were abstinent at the time of follow up.
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