WadeWade, drug free says he has a new sense of who he really is

“As a kid I was smart, but no good at sport. I just wanted to fit in, to be cool. So to be popular I used drugs and started dealing,” said former Buttery resident, Wade.

This lead to a life of crime, prison and finally, at the age of 40, successful completion of The Buttery’s residential treatment program.

“Had I been sent into treatment instead of prison as an impressionable 23-year-old, my life would have been so different. Inside, my mentors were crims and gangsters. I used opiates for the first time in prison and became addicted.”

“I completed The Buttery rehab a year ago and I’ve been ‘clean’ of drugs ever since. I’ve found a different perspective on life. For the first time in my 41 years, I have become self-reflective. Until now I had no sense of who I really am and I was not even capable of telling my own story.”

Wade said when he left The Buttery some of his old associates asked him if he wanted to return to using and dealing. He refused. And they understood why.

“The Buttery changed my life. Now I meditate, pray, exercise and I look after my health instead of using drugs. “

“Now I am kind to people. I give back by helping others who are in recovery. I have started a TAFE course in the hope of becoming a drug and alcohol counsellor.”

“Meanwhile, I work as a dish washer in Byron Bay and I am happy. I’d probably be the happiest person in the restaurant. The owners and waitresses come and talk and debrief with me. I love being part of it all.”

“But the best thing I’ve achieved by going through The Buttery is my new relationship with my Dad and my family. I have a real and honest relationship with them. I have not had such a relationship since I was a child.”