Every year more than 30 young people, 13-19 years are given the chance to “rewrite their life story” by taking part in wilderness adventure therapy treks. The Treks are conducted by the Buttery’s INTRA program in conjunction with other organisations.

The aim of each trek is to help young people, many from troubled, disadvantaged backgrounds, to promote self-esteem, independence and resilience while learning about team spirit and friendship. The practical, measurable results of taking part are improved motivation and school performance as well as a reduction in anti-social behaviour and alcohol and drug use.

Over nine days trekkers travel all the way from Uki to Lismore under their own steam – on foot, by canoe or bicycle, travelling almost 60 kilometers through the beautiful Nightcap Ranges.

Trekkers are accompanied by youth workers and psychologists who help the young people come to know themselves more deeply as they develop goals and strategies to lead a more fulfilling life. A pre-trek assessment and follow-up help everyone get the most from the trek.

“Self-discovery lessons learnt this way stay with these young people forever. The life-long benefits to them and to society are priceless,” said Buttery INTRA Youth Service Team Leader, Lucinda Moss.

The Buttery could offer more Trek places to disadvantaged youths if funds were available. Donations in support of the treks are tax deductible.