“Our son, Grant had a long-term addiction to alcohol. We’re sure that if he hadn’t gone to The Buttery his life would have come to an end. We’d heard so many good things about the place and everything we saw reinforced what we’d heard,” said Len Martin.

“What’s impressive about the program is that it gets each individual to examine their own life and behaviour in a very thorough way,” Len said.

As well as helping Grant overcome his addiction to alcohol, Kay said one of the great benefits of his time at The Buttery was her son’s discovery of a love of singing.

Len and his wife, Kay are now regular monthly donors in support of The Buttery’s programs because they want to be sure that other families can also benefit.

“The Buttery introduced Grant to singing. Then, after he completed the program he joined The Buttery’s Recovery Choir. He told me some of the best experiences of his life have involved singing with the choir. When Len and I visited The Buttery for an open day, the residents sang for the guests. To our surprise, Grant got up and sang a solo. It was a wonderful moment for us to hear him singing and to know he was willing to take the courageous step of performing a solo. Tears of joy were streaming down our faces,” Kay said.

“A transformation occurred and we had our wonderful son back. He was as he’d been before he started drinking. Even if the program had not worked for him we would still support this work because it is effective and so valuable,” said Len.

The Martins also took part in the Buttery’s free family counselling program and found it invaluable in helping Grant in his new life in recovery from addiction.

“It spelled out things to do to help us interact more positively with our son. You think you know the way to do things, but it can be counter-productive. So having a family counselling session was invaluable,” Len added.

“I was once addicted to smoking cigarettes so I know how powerful addictions can be. I also know that I can’t take a morally superior position, because addiction can affect anyone. It does not discriminate.”

The Buttery relies on the support of the community to maintain its free Family Counselling Service. Please consider supporting the Service as a regular monthly supporter.

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