In the late 80’s Kelly started using party drugs”. Cocaine and speed helped her while studying at University, and working part-time. She had made various attempts to get and stay “clean”.

The first person to travel to Israel and trial the “rapid detox” program and then Naltrexone, Kelly’s recovery attempt on this occasion was highly publicised. The twelve months following this attempt, Kelly describes “…as the worst twelve months of my using.

Naltrexone stopped the physical addiction, but didn’t address the issues of why I was using. I had no counselling or therapy,” she said, “and all the while I was secretly using cocaine, speed and alcohol, whilst living the lie that I was clean.”

Kelly decided she needed rehabilitation and entered a “work based” program, which she nearly finished before “busting”. She then realised she needed counselling and a “more spiritual aspect” to her recovery. In January 2000 after four years of “trying to get clean,” Kelly entered The Buttery. After eight and a half months of intense rehabilitation she left to continue her path of recovery.

Today at 29 Kelly is close to twelve months clean. She can see a future for herself and has a sense of what she wants to do and of worth in the community. Kelly says, “Before I came to The Buttery I was definitely ready to change my lifestyle. It has been hard and challenging and I am grateful to The Buttery for helping me.”

Latest Update: Kelly is still clean and abstinent from all substances and has spent the past year working part-time. Since leaving the Buttery, she has pursued a deep interest in Yoga, and has completed a year-long Yoga Teacher Training Course. Her life continues to develop and flourish, and she remains expressly indebted to the Buttery Rehab and the lessons she learned there, and has since built upon.