John Ogilvie is the founder of the Byron Yoga Centre based in Byron Bay, Australia. He is also an ex-resident of The Buttery.

JohnOgilvieBefore entering The Buttery, John had been struggling with addiction issues for many years. In fact he’d struggled since his early teens. He survived several overdoses and an attempt to take his own life during his years of heroin use.

‘Methadone was not a sustainable option for me as it was only a band aid to some of the deeper life issues I needed to address to stop self medicating with drugs.’ said John

John finally made the choice and entered The Buttery Residential Therapeutic Community in 1986 at the age of 29, where he was able to gradually adopt life style and spiritual changes to live a sustainable, drug free life.

As well John was also able to renew his passion for Yoga through classes at the Buttery, 20 years later this has lead to him being one of the foremost teachers of yoga in Australia.

‘Basically, along with hundreds of others like myself now in recovery, I owe my life to The Buttery, ’said John

In gratitude to the work of The Buttery and the new and clean life he has been able to lead John has maintained his commitment to The Buttery by serving for a time on The Buttery’s Board and as a donor and sponsor of events.

Through his ongoing commitment to health and well being John established The Byron Yoga Centre. The Centre runs daily classes for enthusiastic local and visiting yoga students, recently John and his colleagues have embarked on presenting and developing a series of very successful Yoga Teacher Training courses attracting people from all round the world. Through his Yoga centre John has also encouraged many ex Buttery residents to take up yoga classes to maintain their wellness and keep focused on their recovery. Indeed some ex residents of The Buttery have taken this opportunity to train up as Yoga teachers enabling them to embark on a new career path where they in turn can teach others the benefits of Yoga.

‘Yoga is an integral part of The Buttery Therapeutic Community program it not only helped me to realize a new passion and focus for my life 20 years ago as a resident but continues to be an important part of The Buttery’s approach to health and healing.’ said John. ‘I am very proud to maintain my ongoing association with The Buttery and welcome you to make a gift of Recovery in support of The Buttery’s life changing work.’

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