“We support the Buttery because it meets an important local need”

John Bennett and Jennifer Regan are pleased to be active in the local community. Both do what they can to make the Northern Rivers Region a better place for everyone who lives there or visits.

The couple from Possum Creek near The Buttery is involved with many local organizations and both have done much over the years to support the work of the Buttery.

“The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a big hidden problem in this area and it’s fabulous that we’ve got a local place like the Buttery that can help tackle the issue,” said John.

He moved to the area full-time 20 years ago. Retired from the field of market research, he now farms Angus-Hereford cattle and, as well as supporting the Buttery, is involved with the Uncle Project, Southern Cross University, Rainforest Rescue and the Northern Rivers Community Foundation.

Jennifer is also very active locally as a committee member of the Byron Writers’ Festival and Artscape.

Formerly a prosecutor in Northern Rivers courts for eight years she has experienced first hand the connection between substance abuse and crime.

“Many of the people I saw coming before the courts were affected by illegal drugs or alcohol or both when they committed crimes. So the Buttery is meeting the need to help people tackle addiction,” she said.

Jennifer served on the Buttery Board for a number of years and both she and John donate regularly and have bought a number of art works through the Buttery’s FEHVA events.

Neither John nor Jennifer adopts a moralistic attitude to drug abuse.

“I say ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ and we both know that drug and alcohol abuse can affect any family, including a number of local families we know,” he said.

“I like the idea of being able to give for a specific purpose, such as being able to pay for a week or two of recovery for someone in need. That way you know your donation is going into something of lasting value.”

Photo: Jennifer and John at home with Louis the poodle.