Crystal completed Buttery rehab at homeBecause The Buttery’s CORE “day-hab” program is held on weekdays and during school hours, it is ideal for parents, particularly mothers who want to seek recovery from addiction while being available for their children.

Crystal, 34, is the mother of two children aged six and 12.

She took part in the first CORE program that was held on-line in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

”I’m very grateful to have participated in this program and to the facilitators and to my Case-Worker. Such a humbling experience and I have so much to look forward to having been a part of it.”

“I had to address my issues with alcohol. I’d been at The Buttery residential program four months when Covid-19 hit. Due to the pandemic and new social isolation rules, I was facing the prospect of not having any visits from my children for the foreseeable future.”

“I was using the time at The Buttery to address my drinking and things were going well. However, I weighed it all up and decided to leave the program.”

Crystal was given the option of undertaking the CORE program.

“I wanted to continue on my journey to recovery with my children. For many people, it is good to do a residential rehab. But in my case, I felt ready to return to the wider world and continue recovery from home.”

“Before I joined the CORE program, I had weekly on-line sessions with my case-worker, Geoffrey Carthy. He was great in helping me focus my mind on what I needed to do to prepare myself for the program.”

“I felt that I was back in the real world facing the daily challenges of life and bringing up children.”

Crystal said doing the CORE program on-line was easier than she thought it would be. She interacted with other participants and the counsellors in the safety and comfort of her own home.

She received help to create her own personal non-relapse plan. This involved creating strategies to avoid the situations and triggers that can result in returning to alcoholism. This is working well for her.

Crystal wants to undertake further study and plans to enrol in a TAFE course in Drug and Alcohol Counselling so she can help other people find recovery.

“The support I have received through doing the online CORE program has given me a safe space to learn to be present and aware of myself, to connect, to receive and give of myself, my own experiences. To create that safety within my personal relationships by creating healthy boundaries and expressing my needs. I have gained deeper understandings on the effects that drugs and alcohol have had on my mental, spiritual and emotional health. I have experienced the importance of taking healthy risks in relationship with others and having the space to practice this for my own personal developmental growth. Having this experience has opened up many opportunities for me to trust in myself and continue to live a more meaningful, authentic and connected life in recovery. I now have a much better understanding of the significance a re-lapse prevention plan has to ensure a sustainable recovery. This has all come about through the ongoing group work and one on one work that I participated in with my Case-Worker.”