Danny completed Buttery rehab

Danny’s successful career as a jockey unravelled because of his drug-taking and drinking.

I was stuck on drugs and swapped to drinking and I couldn’t stop. Then I returned a positive swab for drugs and I lost my jockey’s licence. My drug taking got worse after that.”

Now after completing The Buttery’s residential program during Covid in 2020, Danny is back working with thoroughbreds as a stable hand. His dream is to go back to racing.

At The Buttery my counsellors wanted nothing more than the best for me. They gave me the confidence and the tools to stay clean of drugs and alcohol.”

“Growing up I was not much good at school, but good at doing things and riding horses. I didn’t have much of an idea of who I truly am and my time at The Buttery gave me self-knowledge.”

All the things I was told to do to stay clean I do: going to AA meetings, keeping connected with people, doing service for others. These things help me stay sober.

Danny said the pressures on professional sports people and what accompanies being in the public eye can contribute to a false sense of reality and to substance use issues.

Attention from girls, money, riding a few winners, your head gets a bit big and you lose sight of yourself and what’s going on.”

Now the social support I get from others who have completed The Buttery program and AA meetings is helping me to keep clear and in touch with reality. I’m hoping to be back in the saddle for country and provincial races soon.”