surrender-buttery-rehab-art“Alcohol was part of my life from the age of 14. Drinking was a socially acceptable way for me to party in the Queensland country community where I grew up,” Cherie said.

By the time she moved to the city at 18, Cherie said her alcohol use was more about needing to drink to function.

“Alcohol took over my life from 18 to 25.”

“Whenever I had any feelings, whether positive or negative, I’d seek to escape through alcohol.”

Cherie said it all came to a head when she ended up in hospital in a very serious condition after a drinking binge. A drug and alcohol counsellor convinced Cherie to go into a detoxification centre to withdraw from alcohol.

“In the detox I was broken enough to completely surrender. I made the decision to go to The Buttery to try and turn my life around.”

Although the waiting list for a place in The Buttery can be up to six months, Cherie was able to enter the program sooner than expected.

“I learnt so much there about myself and about life. I soon learnt that my whole life-style had to change. It was not just about giving up drugs and alcohol. It was about changing as a person from the inside out. At The Buttery, I learnt what was needed to achieve transformation.”

Cherie is now optimistic about the future. She said she is in a good relationship with her partner, Matt.

She and Matt are kept busy with Adele, 18 months.

Recognising the challenges of parenthood, Cherie has started an on-line business catering to babies and toddlers:

“The Buttery has been key to allowing my successes today. I feel very content and fulfilled in my life. Recovery from addiction allows me to enjoy and be present for my little family.”

“I went back to the Buttery a few weeks ago to share my experiences with current residents. I saw the sign in the meeting room, “Surrender.” Suddenly I knew what recovery from addiction is about.”

Main photo: A new life: Cherie and Matt with baby Adele.
Above: The surrender sign in the meeting room