Three years after successfully completing The Buttery’s residential addiction recovery program, Bec, 32 is back at The Buttery undertaking a workplace placement for her Masters in Social Work degree.
Once an ice addict, Bec is optimistic about her future and wants to use her lived experience of recovery from addiction and her new qualifications to help women prisoners and others with addiction issues.
“If illicit drug users could re-direct the energy and persistence they use to score drugs and apply the networking skills that are so much part of that way of life to doing something positive, imagine what they could achieve,” Bec enthused.
Accordingly, Bec is building on her experience as a recovering ice addict and her earlier qualifications in Social Science to build a new career focused on helping others.
Bec said she started using drugs at 19. Due to her increasing addiction, she commenced and then dropped out of a series of university courses, including law before completing a degree in criminology.
“The irony is I was applying the theory of the course to my daily life: scoring drugs and doing petty crime to feed my drug use. Nonetheless, my lecturers believed in me, thought I had potential and wrote references to support my court appearances.”
“I was in a rapid psychological decline. I used speed (methamphetamine) for four years. Then, unbeknown to me, the ‘speed’ I was being sold was actually ice; a much more powerful and addictive drug (crystal methamphetamine).
“I knew I was rapidly spiralling down but I used my addiction as an excuse for bad behaviour. I didn’t know there was any way out. I thought drug rehabs were for celebrities, cost a lot of money and were out of my reach. I was not aware of the existence of 12 Step programs.”
“Then I stumbled across a solution. I heard about The Buttery and eventually joined the program. When I got there I was spiritually bankrupt. I’d been busted for break and enter and drug possession. Due to my ice use I hadn’t really slept for years. I was so incredibly tired.”
“I consider the skills I learnt at The Buttery and what the 12 Step program offers are a blueprint for living a positive, healthful life. ‘Honest, Open and Willing’ are the three words they use.”
“The Buttery is a place where people are reborn. The people who work there bring such passion to their work. This transmits to the people there who are seeking recovery. When I was in active addiction, it was a nightmare; it’s a harsh world and we were all out for ourselves. When you arrive at The Buttery you leave that behind. It is such a nurturing place.”