Buttery supporter, JoanHaving served as volunteer Buttery Board member for 20 years, Joan Davies is still a supporter.

As a member of The Buttery’s Recovery Circle donor group, Joan gives a generous monthly donation in support of The Buttery’s life-changing work.

“I support because I strongly believe in the work The Buttery does and because I am fortunate enough to be able to donate regularly”, Joan said.

The mother of five and grandmother of 14 (“and two surrogates”), Joan is a strong advocate for social justice and has served as a volunteer for her church, Guides and other organisations for most of her life.

“I was on The Buttery Board for 20 years and saw a lot of progress. This resulted in The Buttery being able to help even more people in need. This is particularly true of the expansion of community outreach programs. Among these was the creation of CORE. Now the parents of school-age children can attend a rehab during the day and be home in time to look after their children.”

“You’ve got to have guts to seek recovery and over the years I’ve known many people who have gone through The Buttery and found a new, better life. I’ve seen lives transformed by The Buttery.”

A microbiologist, Joan has lived a very full life. This includes time spent in India as the young mother of five children with her late husband Alan, who was a scientist and sociologist.

“Alan had a well-developed social conscience and served time in India as a volunteer. He was developing adult education. We lived in a house with a concrete floor, with no running water. The kids all slept in one bed and Alan and I had a traditional, woven bed. Being in India taught me to value what I have and to appreciate how lucky we are to live in a rich country like Australia.”

The Buttery relies on generous supporters like Joan.
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