Help create places in the Residential Program

Due to the effectiveness of The Buttery’s long-term residential program in helping people recover from a lifetime of addiction, the waiting time for a place in The Buttery’s program can be up to six months.

To reduce waiting times and offer more people the opportunity to choose a life of recovery over a life of addiction, The Buttery has plans in place to construct additional accommodation.

As The Buttery receives no government funding for capital works such as building extensions or improvements, we rely on generous people in the community to fund these works.

To support The Buttery building project:

Give the gift of recovery
Because it is so successful in helping people choose a life of recovery over addiction, waiting times for a place in The Buttery’s residential program can be up to six months.
Through your support, you could give someone the gift of recovery and help them open up a whole new life.
One month of recovery: $2,000
One week of recovery: $490
One day of recovery: $70

The Family Counselling Program
The Buttery provides a free of charge counselling program for the families of people undertaking The Buttery’s residential addiction recovery program and for the families and loved ones of people in contact with The Buttery’s INTRA community outreach program.
Conduced by a qualified and highly experienced counsellor, the Family Program helps people who are often in turmoil and feel powerless to help their loved one who is working to overcome active addiction.
Your donation will be of great value to the parents, partners and children of people working to overcome addiction.

The Buttery’s Youth Programs
The Buttery has a preventive role through its youth programs which include:
Party Smart: The Buttery’s drug and alcohol education program for young people at dance parties and doofs.
DRUMBEAT: Beating the risk of harm form alcohol and drugs for high school kids
Youth Adventure Therapy Treks: Adventure based therapy for kids at risk and who have behavioural issues.
Mixed Martial Arts for Youth at Risk: Proven early intervention program for young people at risk.
b.well mental wellness programs: programs to help people in the community whose mental health and drug and alcohol use affect their desired way of life and well-being.