The Buttery’s Maintenance to Abstinence Program (MTA) has been helping people reduce off opioid substitutes since 2013.

Here are comments from some of the many people who are now clean of drugs after successfully completing the MTA and Buttery residential programs.

Coming here and learning basic skills and learning about the disease of addiction has given me confidence to start a new life. I was able to get into the program while still using Suboxone. I can’t talk highly enough about MTA…Fen

I was really cared for in the MTA program. The magic of The Buttery is hard to put into words. Then being in Byron Bay afterwards was amazing….Eliza

Being on methadone was like they say, “Being in liquid handcuffs.” I couldn’t travel, and my work and social choices were limited. I went from Methadone to Suboxone with my doctor’s help. Then I joined the MTA program, reduced my dose and now I am clean of drugs…Anon

Having a program like this and the support of the staff while here and even before coming here is amazing…Pete

I went from my daily dose of opioid maintenance to getting clean and abstinent in three months. From opiate to opioid withdrawal to being clean. I am glad I did the MTA program….Anon