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Some comments from The Buttery’s Therapeutic Community Residents  

They should teach everyone what we learn here at The Buttery.  It would be better world if that did happen: PETE 
I’m finally connecting with others and myself on a deeper level than ever before. I’m discovering what it is to feel!: KATE
 I love being here with 30 other “mes” to learn from: JO
Confronting and intense experience AND TOTALLY WORTH IT! : LINDA J
The Buttery is an amazing,hard, fun, confronting place in the best kind of way: CHRIS 
The place that works: JAY
My hope for a better life has come back. This place is unlike any other rehab I’ve been to before: ANTHONY
Have returned to The Buttery for the second time because I know this is the best place to get well: AMY
The Buttery is rehab #11 for me. It’s totally different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I wish I’d come here 1st: MELINDA
It’s almost worth getting an addiction just to be able to come here and learn how to live: MARC
I love having a really big belly laugh again: LINDA H


Buttery art class in progress: Buttery residents have the opportunity to use art as form of self-expression and to develop a deeper understanding of self.