Supporter Graham Cowley is glad to be able to help

“People who are more fortunate than others have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate. That’s why I support charities, including the work of The Buttery.”

“I’ve been an incredibly lucky human being,” said Buttery donor and volunteer Buttery Sydney Committee member, Graham Cowley.

Graham, one of six children, had an alcoholic father and doesn’t know how his family made do. He started working delivering newspapers at the age of 10. Graham was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13, (which he later overcame). He graduated with a law degree and founded a law firm which became one of Sydney’s largest.

Now retired, Graham focuses on enjoying life to the full (including travel with his wife Di) and working to help charities. He is involved with Epilepsy Action Australia as well as being a Buttery Sydney Committee member and generous donor to both of those charities.

Graham learnt of The Buttery when his son first undertook The Buttery’s residential rehab program.

“My son went off the rails at 15 and started drinking. Alcoholism took over his life. He was in and out of rehabs and it was not until he completed The Buttery’s program for the second time that he became abstinent of alcohol.”

“He is now drug and alcohol-free. I am incredibly proud of what he has achieved. He is back to the wonderful person he was as a kid.”

Graham said his son, desperately trying to conquer his illness, had heard of The Buttery’ reputation and then joined the program, but as is sometimes the case, relapsed when he left the first time.

It was not until he completed the long-term program for a second time that he made a real improvement. He has been abstinent four-and-a-half years. He works part-time at The Buttery helping others in search of recovery and is studying social work.

“I’m so proud of what my son has achieved with the help of The Buttery. Its’s a great organisation and when I can, I write a cheque so they can go on helping more people.”

Diane and Graham are extremely grateful to The Buttery for giving their son back to them.