It has been a big year for our Family Support program, which is funded entirely from donations.

The service has been growing over time and started operating as a four-day-a-week program and has employed a new family worker on for the additional day, sharing the load with much-loved Family Support worker Lily Schmelzle.

Although the majority of Referrals are still coming from The Buttery network there are now also psychologists, counsellors and services and organizations in the community that have heard of the service as well as an increase in ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals.

Addiction can devastate not just the “user” but often all of those with whom the addict has close relationships. The core structure of health within the family can be destroyed. Many families are overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with both their loved one’s addiction and its impact on their own lives.

The principal aim of the program is to support families of addicted people through effective counselling. A secondary aim is to help the addicted family member’s recovery, or for those not in treatment to encourage them to seek treatment.

Help for families is available free of charge.

It is supported wholly by donations. You are invited to support this service by donation by donation.