The Buttery is part of Pride in Health + Wellbeing which is aimed at improving the health of Australian LGBTI communities.

This means The Buttery has an LGBTI inclusive, person-centred service provision model.

We welcome and include LGBTI people to all of our services.

LGBTI people have too often faced rejection, social exclusion, discrimination, harassment, judgement and refusal of service because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

Many LGBTI people do not access critical services they need for fear of actual or perceived discrimination. As a result health disparities within LGBTI communities are clearly evident.

This particularly applies to the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI people compared to other people.

All of The Buttery’s programs, residential and community-based are inclusive programs, LGBTI people are welcomed and valued as clients.

The Buttery’s Intake and Assessment process is an inclusive process. Potential participants in Buttery programs are welcomed irrespective of their gender, race, religious, political, health or sexual status.

The Buttery has a policy of Cultural Safety. This applies to all clients, including LGBTI clients. It means that clients are believed when they say who they are and how they define their sexual or gender identity. Members of The Buttery team listen when a client tells them what the client considers to be respectful to them.