Too often people make the courageous decision to undertake rehabilitation for their drug and alcohol issues only to find help is not immediately available and they are placed on a waiting list.

To tide people over before they can have personalised treatment and to help others who have had treatment and who are in recovery, The Buttery has developed an on-line recovery app.

Working closely with app developer, Pace Optimisation, Programs Manager, Frances Pidcock and members of her team have developed a unique, interactive web-based app.

It includes tools for assessing one’s issues and information about taking steps to minimise the harm from substances. It includes practical information about managing one’s mental health.

Now in the testing phase, the app will be free of charge and available on The Buttery’s website.

As well as supporting recovery from problematic alcohol and other drug use, it aims to help people manage mental health symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

The Buttery gratefully acknowledges the support of Healthy North Coast through the North Coast PHN program and the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation for their contribution to development costs.

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