In response to a growing need and thanks to the generous support of donors, The Buttery has increased the availability of the Family Program Counsellor, Lily Schmelzle from two to three days per week.

Parents and family members whose loved ones are affected by drug and alcohol addiction can feel ashamed, judged and isolated. They are often in crisis as they watch their addicted son, daughter, parent or partner spiral out of control.

The Buttery’s free family counselling program helps family members develop ways to manage their own wellbeing. It can also help addicted family members benefit more from treatment or encourage others not already in treatment to address their substance abuse issues.

 The Buttery is most grateful to Angel Fund, Milton Corporation Foundation, the Northern Rivers Community Foundation and The Portland House Foundation and individual supporters for their donations. This support has allowed the expansion of the program to meet a growing demand. Generous individuals are also invited to consider supporting the program which is supported totally by donations.

“The shame, guilt and judgment family members fear and often receive, causes them to be guarded about who they can trust to hear and support them. This program is totally non-judgmental and reassures people they are not alone while giving them techniques to safeguard their own health and the well-being of the family unit,” said Lily.