The Buttery’s CORE program is a six-week rehab program for people who are unable to attend a residential program. Like all Buttery programs, it is evidence-based and utilises The Buttery’s’ long experience in treating drug and or alcohol dependency. Already the program ash been conducted in Byron Bay and Lismore.

For years and years Danielle wanted to live clean of drugs. Up to the age of 38 she had tried to manage her recovery on her own, without undertaking a rehabilitation program.

Now she is among the first group to successfully complete the CORE day rehabilitation program in Lismore. She is optimistic about a future clean of drugs.

“Over many years I went to doctors for help. Their advice was: ‘Wean yourself off them and just stop using them.’ They had no idea that you need to address the underlying reasons for using and develop strategies to prevent relapse. I would stop from time to time, but that would last three months and then I was back taking pills again.”

“I knew entering a rehab would help. But it was not possible for me to just put my life on hold for six months and retreat from the world.”

She had a job, her own flat and her beloved cats to look after. So she was not willing or able to undertake a residential program.

So, when The Buttery’s Core day program which runs five hours a day, four days a week came along she grasped the opportunity.

“I was on a great journey for six weeks. I condensed six months of recovery into six weeks. I’ve learnt such a lot about myself, about setting boundaries and communication. The support from the facilitators and the other people in the group has been amazing. The Core program has taught me new communication skills and reinforced my self-worth.”