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“CORE has made it possible to see a future with my son”

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Jane* dreams of the day she can be with her son for his birthday. Every day in recovery after completing The Buttery’s Core program, she is a step closer to her dream.

The first time Jane missed her son’s birthday was when she was living in The Buttery’s […]

“Amanda makes me believe in myself”

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b.well helps people in the community whose drug or alcohol use has a negative effect on their mental health. Last year b.well helped people through more than 2,000 consultations. Jonathan took part in the program.

 At 21 Jonathan has overcome more challenges than most young men his age. After a […]

Danielle has taken big steps to recovery through CORE

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The Buttery’s CORE program is a six-week rehab program for people who are unable to attend a residential program. Like all Buttery programs, it is evidence-based and utilises The Buttery’s’ long experience in treating drug and or alcohol dependency. Already the program ash been conducted in Byron Bay and Lismore.

For […]

Free Family Counselling Program expansion

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In response to a growing need and thanks to the generous support of donors, The Buttery has increased the availability of the Family Program Counsellor, Lily Schmelzle from two to three days per week.

Parents and family members whose loved ones are affected by drug and alcohol addiction can feel ashamed, judged […]

Join the Recovery Circle

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The Recovery Circle is a special group of generous people who make a regular donation in support of The Buttery. Membership is growing and it is open to anyone willing to give as little as $10 a month. Recovery Circle donors help fund improvements in buildings and amenities for residents of The […]

Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs Program

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In response to the increasing number of young people experimenting with and using alcohol and illicit drugs, especially Crystal Meth Amphetamine or “Ice”, a special program was established in the Grafton, Yamba, Bellingen, Nambucca Heads and Maclean areas for young people 12-22 years old. The program is also available in the […]

Clinical Director at The Buttery Private, psychologist Jenny McGee talks about wellbeing

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In a radio interview for Bay FM, Clinical Director at The Buttery Private, psychologist Jenny McGee talks about wellbeing. Achieving true wellbeing is about more than just having an absence of disease. It’s about thriving as a person. Key to this is being connected; being connected with oneself and with others.

According to the WHO, alcoholism is more common among men than women by a factor of two to one.

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Alcoholism is more common among men than women by a factor of two to one (according to the World Health Organisation).
However, excessive alcohol consumption has more devastating effects on the health of women. Death rates among female alcoholics are 50 to 100% higher than for men.
This first person article sheds light on […]