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Quality accreditation renewal assures best practice

2020-10-12T10:06:13+11:00October 6th, 2020|Be inspired|

Everyone on The Buttery team strives to deliver programs of the highest quality to the people we serve.To ensure best-practice, The Buttery is accredited by The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).Recently, following a rigorous auditing process, The Buttery’s ASES accreditation was renewed. The Standards assist community service organisations to manage resources effectively, gain a better understanding [...]

Emily benefits from our continuous pathways of care

2020-10-12T10:07:20+11:00September 29th, 2020|Be inspired|

The Buttery is unique because of the range, scale and integration of what it offers. Depending on their individual needs, people can be supported at every stage of their recovery: from their decision to seek treatment; during detoxification to treatment and aftercare. There is support for families and support to [...]

Thank you to our generous supporters

2020-10-12T10:08:39+11:00September 29th, 2020|Be inspired|

You have stood by The Buttery during tough times. Lately, due to the pandemic, we have faced an unprecedented number of enquiries from people desperate for help with their substance use, mental health or gambling issues. By using technology and implementing a Covid-safe plan for residential programs, we’ve risen to many [...]

New free app supports recovery

2020-10-12T10:09:53+11:00September 29th, 2020|Be inspired|

Too often people make the courageous decision to undertake rehabilitation for their drug and alcohol issues only to find help is not immediately available and they are placed on a waiting list. To tide people over before they can have personalised treatment and to help others who have had treatment [...]

Doing rehab in the safety of home during Covid-19

2020-10-11T00:26:59+11:00September 7th, 2020|Be inspired|

CRYSTAL'S STORY Because The Buttery’s CORE “day-hab” program is held on weekdays and during school hours, it is ideal for parents, particularly mothers who want to seek recovery from addiction while being available for their children. Crystal, 34, is the mother of two children aged six and 12. She took part in the [...]

David is passionate about helping

2020-06-30T12:35:07+10:00May 23rd, 2020|Be inspired|

Your invitation to join The Buttery Recovery Circle Although he is a dedicated member of The Buttery’s Team, David Dalton makes an additional contribution to the work of the Buttery each week as a member of The Recovery Circle. As Program Coordinator of The Buttery’s Maintenance to Abstinence Program, David [...]

The happiest dishwasher in Byron Bay

2020-06-30T12:36:20+10:00May 23rd, 2020|Be inspired|

Wade, drug free says he has a new sense of who he really is “As a kid I was smart, but no good at sport. I just wanted to fit in, to be cool. So to be popular I used drugs and started dealing,” said former Buttery resident, Wade. [...]

Your mental wellbeing during the pandemic

2020-06-30T12:37:05+10:00May 23rd, 2020|Be inspired|

The level of anxiety symptoms across the community is increasing with the rise in Coronavirus cases. It is important to manage our stress before it becomes debilitating anxiety. It is to be expected that people will experience great stress and increased anxiety symptoms due to the pandemic. If you are [...]

CORE achieves improved recovery rates thanks to increased support

2020-06-30T12:38:04+10:00May 23rd, 2020|Be inspired|

Tanya Magnay, CORE Coordinator The Buttery’s new Relapse Prevention Program, is improving recovery outcomes for people who take part The Buttery’s CORE “day-hab” program. The relapse prevention component is funded by Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation and other philanthropy. Thanks to this support, counsellor, Geoffrey Carthy has joined the team and [...]

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