“Amanda makes me believe in myself”

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b.well helps people in the community whose drug or alcohol use has a negative effect on their mental health. Last year b.well helped people through more than 2,000 consultations. Jonathan took part in the program.

 At 21 Jonathan has overcome more challenges than most young men his age. After a […]

The Buttery Private: Cooper’s story

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“I’ve connected with my body and my feelings,” Cooper 34

After completing The Buttery Private residential wellbeing program Cooper, 34 said he has a new attitude to himself and to life.

“This program taught me how to nurture my soul. It gave me access to self-nurture and compassion. By nurturing one’s […]

Our anxiety and depression epidemic: over-reliance on social media could be a factor

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Speaking at a Science of Happiness forum, “Dr Tony Fernando from the University of Auckland, pointed to an increasing dependency on activities associated with the brain’s excitement-pleasure circuitry for the rising levels of anxiety and depression in teenagers today. Prominent in this cerebral circuitry is social media.”

Read the […]