Every day, The Buttery sees the benefits of early intervention programs such as the Therapeutic Mixed Martial Arts program for at-risk youth in Lismore and Casino.

Many young people in our community find themselves at a crossroads, and without the right support can easily find themselves on a path of hard drug use and mental health issues.

If there was ever a testament to the effectiveness of The Buttery’s youth early intervention programs, it is this letter from Casino High School Teacher Glenn Kemister and co-signed by Acting Principal Daniel Moor.

“I have been involved with the Therapeutic Mixed Martial Arts program for students at risk at Casino High School for the past three years.

During this time I have seen many of the students from the program develop and display greater self-discipline, enhanced social skills and coping strategies especially when it came to dealing with their day-to-day confrontations with both staff and their peers.

Where once their first reaction would be to use verbal abuse and/or physical violence I’m now actually witnessing participants on a more regular basis replace previous behaviours with actions such as walking away or stating that they are not wanting to fight.

These skills have been acquired as a direct result of the student participating for an extended period of time in your program. So apart from saying thank you for providing the opportunity to participate in this program in the past, I’m also saying that I and the selected students from Casino High School are looking forward to continuing working and participating in the future.”

— Teacher Glenn Kemister and co-signed by Acting Principal Daniel Moor.

Read the letter here.

The MMA program is wholly funded by the community’s kind donations. If you would like to ensure this program continues, please support the program here.