Treatment and Integration Program (TIP)

Treatment and Integration Program (TIP) 2017-03-22T13:18:31+00:00

Northern NSW Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Integration Project

The Northern NSW Drug and Alcohol Treatment Integration Project aims to improve the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment services for individuals seeking support and treatment from Tweed Heads to Grafton.

The Treatment and Integration Project’s focus is to:

1. Build the capabilities in the general workforces to enable them to effectively respond to the treatment and support needs of individuals and their families impacted by substance misuse; and

2. Work with service providers to redesign systems to improve the integration and coordination of services across Northern NSW for people with substance misuse issues.

In 2017, the Treatment and Integration Project is working towards:

  • Increasing the access and availability of SMART Recovery groups across the region to people wishing to make behaviour changes. Guided by trained peers and professionals, SMART Recovery uses cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational tools and techniques to help themselves and each other with problematic behaviours. SMART Recovery groups and times can be found here.

  • Supporting local communities to be self-sustaining and take responsive actions to the evidence-informed needs through membership of seven Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs).

  • Building the capabilities of service providers to respond appropriately to people with substance use disorders, with a focus on increasing drug and alcohol referrals to appropriate services.

  • Working alongside Aboriginal communities to develop locally appropriate support for Aboriginal families in dealing with substance misuse issues.

  • Strengthening the integration and coordination of drug and alcohol and mental health treatment services for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance misuse, particularly Aboriginal people.

Sam Booker (R) and Kim Gussy, Program Coordinators